Kim C.

"After being diagnosed with breast cancer, weeks of radiation treatment, and several surgeries/reconstruction, I was ready to get back into shape and return to marathon running.  Katie pushed my limits, took me out of my comfort zone with challenging workouts/runs, worked with me on nutrition, and talked me through some tough days of exhaustion and frustration.  Katie personalized my training program on a weekly basis, adjusting it accordingly.  Thanks to Katie's patience, encouragement and flexibility, I crossed that finish line feeling strong, healthy and happy to be back to doing something I love...RUNNING!"

Andrea I.

"Coach Katie was there for everything and gave me customized workouts, pep talks, advice, support, knowledge of the course, recommendations for gear/nutrition/hydration, what to do after I sustained an injury, accountability, the list goes on. Katie is my coach, mentor, inspiration, and friend.  Her unwavering commitment and belief in me gave me all the tools I needed to achieve the dream of finishing my 1st 50 mile race.  I'm forever grateful and look forward to continuing to work with her to achieve my next crazy goal."

Emily L.

"It was a no brainer to reach out to Katie for coaching.  During a long run last year casually taught me the mental key - the goal has to be greater than the fear.  It was a tough training cycle, balancing life, work, and training.  I always had Katie chirping positivity in my ear and BELIEVING in me. I ran the best race of my life, feeling mentally and physically strong *nearly* every step."

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