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Ever since I started running [cross country], I fell in love with the sport, I loved the confidence and strength that it gave me, and I loved the community that it gave me.  I had a dream to run a marathon, I knew it would be hard, it would take sacrifice, it would take dedication.  Crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world, I proved to myself that any goal I set for myself, no matter how grand in size, I could achieve.  It made me a stronger person.  I get psyched when I see “20 some miles” on my training calendar, the longer the better – sick I know.  I actually get excited to be the sore, hobbling runner you see the day after the race.  I'm currently training for my first 100 miler ;)


I am a RRCA Level 1 | UESCA Certified Run Coach, have been running competitively since 2003, and have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.  I am passionate about helping other runners achieve their goals.  From beginners to seasoned runners tackling new goals, I am here to help you be the strongest [mentally & physically] runner you can be [and have fun doing it]!










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