One on One Coaching (contact for pricing)

- custom intake form & consultation (to get to know you and your running goals)(can be a phone call or in-person meetup)

- custom training plan (updated weekly)

- online platform/app for athlete and coach communication & workout details

- optional strength and core workouts (designed specifically for runners)

- nutrition guidance (how you fuel during workouts/races)

- race preparation, mental skills guidance


this plan is geared for the athlete looking for a highly customized training plan and continuous support, you are new to long distance running, or you have a high-end goal on the horizon (or tackling a new distance), coming back from an injury (or are injury prone), getting back into running after becoming a mom or just want to take your training to the next level!  The plan will be focused on YOU, your lifestyle, your goals, and how your training fits into your real world!  



Training Plan (contact for per hour pricing)

- custom training plan (includes one update)


this plan is geared for the seasoned, experienced, athlete looking for a training plan designed for THEM, catered to your specific goal race, but doesn't need a lot of guidance.

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