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Edge Athlete Lounge

EDGE knows what it takes to Train, Recover, Refuel and Repeat. How? Because, first and foremost, we are athletes. We understand what goals mean to athletes, and what it takes to achieve them. We also know that getting there is hard! EDGE is a community of athletes that train AND recover together. We have cutting age training and recovery tools including: Woodway Treadmills, Wahoo Kickrs, Compression Boots, Hot & Cold salt water pools, Electrostim and Laser Therapies.


Optimal Performance | Dr. Ryan Verchota | Dr. Caitlin Capobianco | Adam Witucki


Our mission is to help you function at your optimal potential. In order for the human body to properly heal, it must move optimally, think optimally and be fueled with optimal nutrition. The goal of Optimal Performance is simple: Help you to move, think, and eat better. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike have received care with excellent results. Expert sports chiropractic, physical therapy, and sports massage. Book a session here!


Envivo Wellness

Mind + Body + Gut Wellness: At Envivo, we believe in an integrated approach to wellness that uses a wide range of therapies. Massage, cupping, acupuncture, hypnosis, FST, Cryo T Shock, Infrared Sauna, Red Light + more.
Our therapists have years of experience working with athletes at all levels as well as anyone who may be experiencing any type of pain. Book a session here!

Lydia Nader, MSNW, RDN, LD


A registered dietitian with a passion for fitness and the active lifestyle. As a runner myself, I understand the demands of being a "weekend warrior" athlete while holding a job.  My nutritional coaching approach is one focused on the individual and getting you to your goals.  Click here to schedule a consult!


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