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Edge Athlete Lounge

EDGE knows what it takes to Train, Recover, Refuel and Repeat. How? Because, first and foremost, we are athletes. We understand what goals mean to athletes, and what it takes to achieve them. We also know that getting there is hard! EDGE is a community of athletes that train AND recover together.  We have cutting age training and recovery tools including: Woodway Treadmills, Wahoo Kickrs, Compression Boots, Hot & Cold salt water pools, Electrostim and Laser Therapies.

Mobile Health and Wellness
Mobile Health and Wellness specializes in a variety of manual and recovery therapies such as trigger point, sports specific, soft and deep tissue, FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab),  Reflexology, hot stone, neuromuscular, cupping, core performance enhancement, injury prevention modalities, Fascial Stretch, Thai massage, acupuncture, cold laser treatments, Normatec compression therapy, Amino Neuro Frequency therapy and sports nutrition education. Our therapists have years of experience working with athletes at all levels as well as anyone who may be experiencing any type of pain.

Dr. Ryan Verchota, DC


As a multiple time Ironman athlete and Ultramathoner, Dr. Ryan understands athletes needs on a personal level and keeps them moving. Always on the cutting edge of manual therapies and technology, he uses the latest treatment modalities to keep athletes moving (Active Release Technique, Graston, Dry Needling, Cupping, Kinesiology taping methods). Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan.

Lydia Nader, MSNW, RDN, LD


 A registered dietitian with a passion for fitness and the active lifestyle. I've been a registered dietitian for over a year and worked with different types of athletes, from runners to triathletes to team sports. As I understand that every sport has different nutritional demands, so does the individual athlete.  As a runner myself, I understand the demands of being a "weekend warrior" athlete while holding a job.  My nutritional coaching approach is one focused on the individual and getting you to your goals.  Click here to schedule an appointment with Lydia.


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